Mon:9 - 4:30 pm

Tue: 9 - 4:30 pm


Thu: 9 - 4:30 pm

Fri:   9- 4:30 pm 

Sat:10 -4:00 pm

Sun:10-4:00 pm

62 Overlea Boulevard, Unit 4A, East York, Ontario


 Located on the Northeast corner of the Intersection of Overlea Boulevard 

and Thorncliffe Park Drive

                       WALK-IN OPEN 6 DAYS PER WEEK

Dear Patients - As per Statutory holiday weekend scheduling, the office will be CLOSED this Victoria day

weekend from Saturday May 20th through Monday May 21st.

Regular hours resume Tuesday May 22nd.


With the doctor shortage crisis, demand for medical care at our clinic has greatly increased. Through these difficult times, we’ve tried to deliver the best medical care possible to our community, being one of the few clinics who've never closed our doors to in-office visits since the onset of Covid-19. 


The walk-in doctors see up to 40 -50 patients daily (double that of some doctors doing only telephone calls).  


However, there’s a trend of a ‘flash- mob’ style of patients coming at the opening which is sometimes resulting in: 


      1)    the clinic may need to stop accepting patients within 1.5 - 2.5 hrs                        after opening and     


2)    1.5 - 3+ hour wait time.    


We understand this can trying, as we too are feeling the same experience. 


We ask that you please be understanding, respectful, and compliant with the receptionists - They are working very hard trying to balance patient visits with office capacity.   When the office has met or exceeded capacity, we will have to stop accepting patients.    


There is ZERO-TOLERANCE to any form of language or conduct to our staff that is considered abusive, harassing, or threatening, and for any non-compliance or defiance to our staff. 


Any such conduct as described above may result a permanent expulsion from the office. If there are safety concerns, we will contact the authorities for immediate assistance.    

Following regulations limiting waiting room patient capacity, you must be prepared that you cannot wait inside the office if there are patients ahead of you. When your turn to see the doctor is approaching, you will be called by the receptionist.

* There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy to any abuse to staff *
 Covid-19 Office Protocol - UPDATED

We are now able to see patients with respiratory symptoms in our office who are Covid negative:


If you're Covid-Positive and require medical help, please do not enter or come to the clinic. If symptoms are such that you need to see a physician in-person, please go directly to your nearest emergency department for medical care.  If symptoms are severe and you or your family member require immediate medical attention, then please call 9-1-1 for urgent medical care.


We will now be able to see patients with respiratory symptoms who test negative for Covid-19, however for the protection of our staff and other patients we require the following conditions to be met prior to coming to the office:

1: A Covid test must be done today prior to your visit -
Take a picture of the Covid swab being put into your nose, and show it to the receptionist upon arrival.

2: Do your Covid test -
2a: If your Covid test is NEGATIVE, we will be able to see you. Proceed to come into the office, and ensure to bring the test with you to show the receptionist.

2b: If your Covid test is POSITIVE, please do not come into the office. If symptoms are such that you need to see a physician in-person, please go directly to your nearest emergency department for medical care.  If symptoms are severe and you or your family member require immediate medical attention, then please call 9-1-1 for urgent medical care.

3: All patients with respiratory symptoms must put on 2 surgical masks in order to be seen in our office.



For the safety of staff and other patients, you will be required to wear a surgical mask at all times while in office. If you have respiratory or flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, muscle aches) then you will need to put on 2 surgical masks while in office.

Please note we do not provide any masks to patients, you must bring your own.

We are not able to do Covid testing at our office, this must be done at your home.
We do not have any Covid test kits at our office. If you need Covid test kits, please obtain them at your local pharmacy.

Dr. Irum Tariq - Family Physician

Dr. Tariq is providing office visits and telephone visits.
 Patients wishing to join Dr. Tariq's family 
practice must first call the main office at 
416.425.8800 to book an initial meeting.
Registered patients accepted into the practice
 can book appointments with Dr. Tariq online 
by clicking this link
( *pls use Chrome browser):

Please carefully read the rules and instructions
Dr. Tariq's Office Hours:
Mon:  11-5
Tue:   10:30-5
Wed:  11-5
Thu:   10-5 (telephone visits)
Fri:     Closed
Sat:    Closed
Sun:   10-4:30


Thornlea Medical Centre and Walk-In Clinic:


- Provides same-day Walk-In medical services to all by highly trained medical doctors -NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY


-provides extended hours


-Certified injector M.D. provides anti-aging Botox treatments: 

-full-time family physician for routine Family Practice care


                     TMC WALK-IN CLINIC

*            *Wait times may be longer due to Covid-19.

           *Closed on all Statutory Holidays and Statutory 
              Holiday weekends ( 3 Day Closure for Long                                Weekends)
            Closed May 20-22 and June 18-20, 2023


                  WALK-IN CLINIC

                      REGULAR HOURS

   Monday:         9 am    -    4:30 pm

   Tuesday:        9 am    -    4:30 pm

   Wednesday:         CLOSED

   Thursday:       9 am    -    4:30 pm

   Friday:            9 am    -    4:30 pm 

   Saturday:      10 am   -    4:00 pm

   Sunday:         10 am   -    4:00 pm


   Telephone:      (416) 425-8800

Please be advised that during times when there is a high volume of patients,  patient registration may stop earlier than the posted closing time; in addition, in cases of exceptional circumstances, and times when one or more regular doctors need to take time off, hours may change temporarily from the posted time above.

If you intend to come within 3 hours of the closing time, please call to find out if the clinic will still be accepting patients.